Resilience Training with

Be Ready for Anything, Anytime, Anywhere!

Resilience Training with

Be Ready for Anything, Anytime, Anywhere!


Havoc   is a noun that means devastation or total mayhem. Havoc often wreaked by hurricanes, angry mobs, plundering Vikings, and wild parties that get out of control.

Havoc   is seen as a synonym to chaos by the founder, when compared to the intent to brutally attack innocent victims.

The Physics of Chaos denotes the property of a complex system whose behaviour is unpredictable as to appear random, owing to great sensitivity to small changes in conditions.

HAVOC-O  aims to create order when mayhem reigns, is about to reign or the immediate circumstances are out of control.

HAVOC-O   is a resilience survival system designed and developed by GM Lenord Le Hanie.
HAVOC-O   is designed for a real-life or death scenario where no rules apply. Most “martial art systems” is practised where participants have a 50% chance for victory.
This mind-set does not work  in “no-rules” life situations.
HAVOC-O   comprises of military training principles, close combat and krav maga concepts.

HAVOC-O   is a system based on a culmination of many years of practising, studying and real-life experiences. What makes this system unique is that the emphasis is placed on managing the factors of battle in order to force your will/technique on your opponent whilst nullifying his system of attack. Technique alone will almost never win a fight where the opponent is fighting back with serious intent.



You want safety and security for yourself and family, but as a responsibly armed South African you realize that means much more than just owning a gun.


Life shooting and firearms training are done by Accredited Instructors
at an Accredited Training Centre & Shooting Range.

 “You’ve got to be prepared for anything, anytime, anywhere… I felt I was able to do the right thing to be self-protected as a law-abiding citizen… Thank you GM Le Hanie” – Chantel Venter

Tutorship brings you industry-leading education, training & the trusted legal protection you need to protect your family with confidence.


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HAVOC-O   Membership is subjected to the completion of a registration form wherein members agree to abide to the rules and regulations.

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